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Welcome to the INTERIM SpiritPathNow website!   The Spiritual Frontiers website is transitioning to a new and more robust web presence to be able to better serve the Eugene, Oregon community.  

We intend to be fully transitioned to the new site in April...  you can take a peek at it (though it's still in it's beta state) here:   Right now the March events are posted but April's will be posted any day! 


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Here you can find a great FREE one-stop event listing service to help spiritual seekers like yourself find everything you need for the whole month in one convenient place in a dynamic new blog format. 

Our new blog-based Eugene Calendar will be searchable by type of event, organization or presenter.  Plus, the RSS Feed subscription option will allow you to 'subscribe' to the info on just the types of events you're interested in hearing about.  Very cool!

The SpiritPathNow Eugene Calendar is a great way to get the whole enchilada of Eugene, Oregon events delivered right to your email box.   "WOW!  All this right in my 'INBOX'?"  Yep!  No more having to wait until Thursday's local 'Weekly' paper comes out to see what's going on this weekend.  Now you can see the full month all at one time!  And no more having to sort through listings for the types of programs you're not interested in.  So, what are you waiting for?  Come join us!

We look forward to seeing you on the path!

Lisa Kaye

P.S.  If you are a community leader in the Eugene progressive spiritual community and would like to be in the loop on how to participate in this new SpiritPathNow community, email me! :: (formerly Spiritual Frontiers) :: progressive spiritual soul-lutions for life